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Fascination airport Stuttgart

Stuttgart Airport is one of the seven most important airports in the Federal Republic.

The airport has three terminals and two more check-in halls. Terminal 3 was only opened in 2004. It has a capacity of approximately four million passengers per year.

As the only major transport airport, it has only one runway. This will not be enough in the long run, so another runway has been planned.

But Prime Minister Günther Oettinger rejected the plans on the grounds that the airport had not yet used up its capacity.

In 2006, the limit of ten million passengers was cracked for the first time and in 2007 it was around 10.3 million passengers.

While waiting for the plane, spend your time in the various well-known shops, or in the cozy cafes and restaurants.

If you do not fly into a well-earned holiday, the airport offers a splendid visitor terrace with a view of the entire airport.

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